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Minutes of the meeting held on 4th August, 2011 between the official side and representatives of all India civil accounts Employees Association under the Chairpersonship of Shri M. J. Joseph, PR. CCA, CBEC

Minutes of the meeting held on 4th August, 2011 between the official side and representatives of all India civil accounts Employees Association under the Chairpersonship of Shri M. J. Joseph, PR. CCA, CBEC

            A meeting between the official side and the representatives of the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association under the Chairpersonship of Shri M. J. Joseph, Pr. Chief Controller of Accounts, CBEC, New Delhi was held on 4th August 2011 at 11 A. M.  in the  Conference Hall of the office of the Pr. CCA, CBEC to . Following were present-


SI. No

Official side

SI. No

Staff side


Shri M. J. Joseph, Pr. CCA. 


Shri V. Bhattacharjee, Secy. Genl


Shri D. N. Pathak, CCA


 Shri.S.Bandyapadhyay, Finance Secretary.


Shri P.L.Sahu, CA


Smt.Kalpana Dutta, Convener, National Women Committee


Shri Abhijit Roy, CA


Shri A.H.Shankarnarayan, President, CBEC, Delhi Unit.


Shri D.K.Singh, Dy CA


Mrs. Kamlesh Kumari, Vice President, CBEC, Delhi Unit.


Shri  K.Hanumannaih, ACA




Sm ti. Saroj Grover, SR.A.O.Admn




Shri.  R.K.Wadwa, AO, E II




Smti. Rajan, AAO, Estt.




At the very outset, Shri. M. J. Joseph, Pr.CCA and Chairman of the meeting welcomed all. On behalf of the Staff side, Shri V.Bhattacharjee, Secretary General of AICAEA offered thanks to the official side of convening the meeting and proposed for the review of the issues discussed in the meeting held on 14th December 2010 and discussion some new issues thereafter.


1.     Filling up of vacant posts in all cadres.


Staff side informed that due to non filling up of vacant posts existing employees are facing lots of difficulties and efficiency of the Department is the final victim.

Official side informed that, out of 624 posts of Accountants/Senior Accountants 455 posts are filled up and 169 posts are vacant.  Forty dossiers from SSC have been received so far and 56 persons have been selected for filling up of the vacant post through deputation basis. While appreciating the actions of the official side, staff side proposed that the suggestion given in the last meeting to utilize the services of retired persons and adhoc promotions from the level of Gr.D to LDC and LDC to Accountant may be considered.

Chairman accepted both proposals and asked staff side to submit list against it's 1st proposal.

2.      Restoration of power to Zonal heads and PAOs relating to GPF advance/withdrawal and leave etc.

Official side agreed to consider the proposal for delegation of financial Power to head office.

3. Vacation of vindictive actions against employees of PAO, Central Excise, Allahabad and grant of promotions MACPs etc to persons denied the benefits.

(a)  Promotion as AAO – Case of Shri M.K. Keshari, Allahabad.

(b)  Grant of MACP- case of D. Roy Choudhury AAO (Retd.), Kolkata.

(c)   Grant of MACP to Shri Tarak-nath Mukharjee, Sr. Accountant, Kolkata.

(d) Smti. Meenu Sharma, DEO, Meerut

Staff side offered thanks to the official side for settling all the cases in favour of the employees.

4. Grant of MACPs to different categories of staff pending for long time

Official side informed that DPC was conducted on and all pending cases have been cleared. However, if any case is left out due to technical reason, shall be considered and cleared.

Staff side pointed out that the case of Shri R. K. PillaI, Senior Accountant (Mumbai) is yet to be settled. Official side agreed to look into the matter expeditiously.

5.  Offering of compassionate appointments – cases from Guntur, Delhi, Mumbai, Coimbatore etc.


Staff side informed that according to their information following compassionate appointment cases are pending and it was assured in the last meeting that all cases shall be reviewed. But action in this respect is yet to be taken:-

1.      S. Rangaraj S/o R. Arungovalan (Trichy)

2.      M.H. Mote S/o H.B.Mote (Mumbai)

3.      T. Ephraim S/o Kannaiya (Guntur)

4.      Santosh Jadav S/o J. Remamani (Hyderabad)

5.      Mahon Kumar S/o Tez Singh Verma (Delhi)

Official side assured that the cases shall be re-examined and the committee for the purpose shall be constituted as per the procedure prescribed for the purpose on priority basis. Cases recommended by the Committee for compassionate appointment shall be considered.

6.  Permission to appear AAO Examination by educationally qualified group-D (now Gr-C) – case from Cochin.


Staff side pointed that Shri V. S. Vinod, Gr-D Working in PAO, Central Excise, Cochin, had represented to permit him to appear AAO© Examination 2010 on following grounds:-

  1. After implementation of 6CPC recommendations Gr-D posts have been upgraded as Group C.
  2. Being graduate he fulfills the condition for appearing the examination and has the required computer operation skills as he has been imparted trainings.

As per assurance in the last meeting, his request is yet to be forwarded to CGA with recommendation.

Chairman stated that, he may submit a fresh application for 2011 and the same shall be forwarded to CGA with proper recommendation.  

7.  Grant of promotion from Gr-D to LDC at same station – case from Jaipur

Official side informed that the case has been settled. Staff side offered thanks for the same.

Official side directed the administration that the copies of the orders which are being issued by the administration on the basis of the reference/ request of the Association may be endorsed to the Association.

8.   Request for transfer from Delhi to Patna, - case from Delhi.


Staff side stated that, as per the assurance in the last meeting transfer requests of following officials are still pending -

1.       Smt. A. S. Sonurkar, Sr.Acctt. from Aurangabad to Nagpur.

2.       Shri P.C. Venkatesh from Belgum to Hyderabad.

Official side informed that, requests shall be considered case to case basis.

Staff side also requested that, Shri Srehans Saini, Sr. Accountant working in PAO, BNP Dewas has been requesting for consideration of transfer to PAO, CBEC, Indore and the administration of CCA, Ministry of Finance, has expressed that the official would be relieved on transfer after the pending pension cases in the office are cleared. Staff side requested that as per the assurance given in the last meeting, the issue may be taken up with CCA, Finance. Official side agreed to consider the request of staff side.  

Staff side further  requested that the mutual  transfer case between Shri T. S. Prakash, Snior Accountant, PAO, Central Excise Bangalore  and Smt. Veena Vasanthaleela, Senior Accountant, PAO, GSI, Bangalore being very deserving, may kindly be considered at the earliest.

9.    Total renovation of rooms and sections in the Fifth Floor of the A.G.CR. Building, New Delhi and Room No. 333 in the CR Building, of the P.A.O., Central Excise, New Delhi.


Staff side offered thanks for the renovation of the fifth floor of the AGCR Building. 

Staff side however, pointed out that the condition of Room No. 333 of PAO, Central Excise, New Delhi situated in C. R. Building, New Delhi has deteriorated more. Old records need to be removed from the room and renovation is also required to be done to make it usable. Further the cooling arrangement in the room is also in a very bad shape and it is required to be improved.

Chairman agreed that, Senior Officers shall visit the office and take appropriate decision to solve the problems after examining the room physically.

10. Improvement in maintenance of computer system in entire organization and particularly in Delhi offices.


Staff side informed that the maintenance of computer system in entire organization is below the mark. Internet facilities and equipments of the computers are very poor causing lots of difficulties for the staff to work smoothly.

Official side informed that 300 new computers have been provided as replacement to different PAOs in response to the requirements they have sent. Offices need new computers may send their requisition. As regards maintenance of computers and provision of internet facilities etc necessary direction shall be issued to the concerned offers.

11.  Reimbursement of hospitality (Tea/Coffee and Snacks) expenditure to AAOs as has been granted by CCA, MHA and CCA, I&B. 

Chairman stated that, he is inclined to consider the matter and favorable orders in this respect shall be issued as soon as Official side is satisfied that the performance and punctuality of the beneficiaries concerned are upto the level of satisfaction. .

12.  Provisions of stationery items to the staff members.           

Official side informed that quality stationeries are being supplied and those are in adequate quantity. However, if any difficulty is there in any office, it may be referred to Pr. Accounts Office.

13.  Improvement of the present arrangement for drinking water system and provision of water dispensers – section wise.

Staff side pointed out that, as per the assurance given in the last meeting, section wise dispensers are yet to be provided.

Official side agreed that, expeditious action shall be taken in this regard.

14.  Provision of Common Room for Ladies.


Official side informed that the matter is under consideration. However, no progress is there.

15.  Provision of Room for the Unit Association.

16. Provision of Identity Cards of the Ministry of Home Affairs for all the staff members working in different Pay and Accounts Offices located   in Delhi and NCR.   


         Issuing of Pay/salary slip


Staff side informed that, the officials working in the offices of Delhi and NCR but not in AGCR Building do not posses proper ID Card for them. ID Card issued by local administrations of the buildings they are working is not having legal validity. Hence all employees working in different offices located in NCR may be issued proper ID Card (i.e. MHA ID Card) through the office of Pr. CCA, CBEC. Chairman appreciated the problem and assured that, necessary action in this respect shall be taken expeditiously.

Staff side further requested that, the process of issuing of Pay Slip may be restored from the current month. Official side agreed to do the needful in this respect


After the discussion on item No-16 was over, staff side raised the problem of misbehavior and anti employee activities of the PAO, Central Excise, Madurai and demanded immediate transfer of the Sr. AO from the said office. Official side informed that they are aware of all the facts and the matter is under serious consideration of the authority. However, the authorities shall give another opportunity to the officer concerned and thereafter next course of action shall be taken. .


                The meeting was ended with vote of thanks to the chair.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

letter to CGA

All India Civil Accounts Employees Association



Phone No. 23345070, Mob. No. 9868520926, e-mail:-

Central Office: -                                                                                 Address for Communication:-

16-A, Akbar Road Hutments,                                                           17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,

New Delhi: - 110011                                                                         Kali Bari Marg,           

                                                                                                             New Delhi-110001



No: AICAEA/HQ/A-2/11/1287-1303                                          Dated: - 5th September, 2011



            The Controller General of Accounts,

            Ministry of Finance,

            Department of Expenditure,

            Loknayak Bhawan, Khan Market,

            New Delhi – 110003


Subject: Meeting with National Executive members elected in the 12th All India Conference held in Mumbai from 1st June to 3rd June 2011.




            I have been directed to refer this Associations letter No: AICAEA/HQ/A-2/2011/12-25-1243 dated 23rd July 2011 on the above mentioned subject and state that we have not so far received any information on date of the meeting.


            I therefore, once again request you kindly to fix the meeting without further delay.


            Further, you are requested kindly to direct your office to send all future communications meant for this Association to the "Address for Communications" mentioned above.


Thanking you



(V. Bhattacharjee)

Secretary General


Copy to:-


1.      All National Executive members.

2.      Secretary General, AICAEA, Cat-II, Mumbai.



(V. Bhattacharjee)

Secretary General

Com: MK Pandhe, Former President of CITU and Polit Beaureau Member of CPIM expired at 12.20 am on 21st August 2011. Com Pandhe was the voice of the working class and the toiling masses. He was a guiding force for the Confederation of Central Govt employees & Workers.
In his death we have lost a true friend of Confederation, a comrade who never minced words – to criticise and appreciate.
We Dip our Flag in his Memory.