Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dear Comrades,



The preparations for the show down have been going on well. Posters have been dispatched to all Branches and Units of the country. In Delhi, Central Office Bearers have been moving from unit to unit in a routine manner, explaining the issues, distributing hand bills/Posters and appealing upon the members to participate and make the Mass Dharna in front of CGA Office on 8th December2010 a grand success. We expect an overwhelming response of the Civil Accounts Employees in the programme.

We are sure, all out station Branches and Units have been preparing for the Mass Dharna and the participants are now ready to board in to the trains. All Branches/Units are once again requested to send list of the persons who shall be coming to participate in the Dharna without further delay.

Boarding and lodging of outstation participants have been arranged by the federation headquarters. The Accommodation for stay of out station participants shall be -

"Chug Dharamsala,

Udyan Marg,

New Delhi -110001".

The accommodation shall be available from 7th to 9th December 2010.

Departmental Anomaly Committee Meeting


The Departmental Anomaly Committee Meeting was held on 23rd November 2010 under the chairpersonship of Addl. Secretary (Revenue). Secretary General (the lone staff side member from Civil Accounts organization) and Com. A. K. Mehta, Vice President, AICAEA (representing AICAEA) attended the meeting.

Despite pointing out in writing and explaining personally to the Director (A), Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure on 22nd November 2010 by us, he did not agree to invite even a single officer from the Civil Accounts organization (CGA) as official side member in the Anomaly Committee and took an adamant position that, when CGA did not refer any item to him so far there was no question of involving CGA in this matter.

Similarly, CGA office was also requested by us in writing to pursue the matter of the presence of the officers from CGA office as official side representative in the meeting from Civil Accounts Organization in the greater interest of different categories of employees of Civil Accounts Organization. But CGA Office did not take any action. Subsequently when they were requested verbally on 22nd November to intervene into the matter, they stood on their ego and told us that, since they have not been invited, they would not approach the authorities of Ministry of Finance for their induction as official side representatives in the Anomaly Committee.

The meeting of 23rd November was however inconclusive. Due to paucity of time, a few items were discussed and adopted as anomaly items out of the 28th items referred by representatives of different Departments functioning under Revenue, Economic Affairs and Expenditure. It has been decided by the Chairman that another meeting will be convened for discussion of rest of the issues and their consideration as anomaly items. Four issues referred from AICAEA had not been discussed and those are expected to come up for discussion in the next meeting.


Since it has been decided that, AICAEA, AICAEA CAT II and NFCAA shall hold extended National/Federal executive meetings on 7th, 8th and 9th December 2010 respectively, separate notices have been issued by all these forums.         

All Branches/Units (stations not functioning under any Branch)  are requested to  hold meetings of their Branches/Units in pursuance of the Notice issued by their respective Central Headquarters and issue circular depicting  the list of members who are to attend the extended National Executive Meeting to be held at Delhi from 7th to 9th December 2010.

All members in the list issued by Branch are to apply Special Casual Leave (for three days plus journey period) to their respective heads of the departments through proper channel by enclosing the copy of the Notice of the Central Headquarter and the Circular of the Branch. They are to proceed without waiting for the sanction of leave.  


Friday, November 19, 2010

notices of meetings.


10/42 Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi-110060

Phone/fax-011 25785070. Mobile 9868520926,



No:-NFCAA/HQ/A-1/2010                                                  Dated: 18th November, 2010





            It is for the information of all that an extended Federal Executive meeting of National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations will be held from 7th to 9th December, 2010 from 3 p.m. of 7th December 2010 in Delhi to discuss the following items of agenda-


  1. Review of the decisions of last meeting.
  2. Position of Departmental Demands and next course of action to be taken.
  3. New concept on expansion of organization – our stand regarding.
  4. Review of organizational position.
  5. Holding of 11th AIC of AICAEA and 4TH AIC of AICAEA CAT II jointly in Mumbai.
  6. Finalization of Accounts of 3rd & 4th Federal Executive meetings and Joint AICs of AICAEA and AICAEA Cat-II held in Delhi.
  7.  Common movements and our positions.
  8. Joint movement of Accounts and Audit Employees.
  9. Misc. (if any with the permission of Chair).


            Te meeting being extended meeting, all Federal Executive members including the Women Committee Members and the representatives nominated by Branches of AICAEA and AICAEA CAT II shall be the official representatives for the meeting.


 The venue for the meeting will be-

Chug Dharamsala,

Udyan Marg

New Delhi -110001.



The venue shall also be the accommodation for the stay of all outstation representatives and it will be available from 7TH to 9th December 2010. Food arrangement shall be made by NFCAA Headquarters.




(V. Bhattacharjee)

Secretary General


All Federal Executive Members,

Branch Secretaries and Unit Secretaries concerned for necessary action.




10/42, II Floor, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi-110060

Phone/FAX 25785070, Mobile 9868520926 e mail v.aicaea@



No:-AICAEA/HQ/A-10/10/504-580                           Dated: 18th November, 2010





            It is for the information of all that an Extended National Executive meeting of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association will be held in Delhi of 7th to 9th December 2010 from 3.p.m.  of 7th December 2010 to discuss the following items of agenda-


  1. Review of the decisions of last meeting.
  2. Position of Departmental Demands and next course of action to be taken.
  3. New concept on expansion of organization – our stand regarding
  4. Review of organizational  position
  5. Holding of 12th AIC of AICAEA in Mumbai.
  6. Finalization of Accounts of last CWC Meetings and 11th AIC held in Delhi.
  7. Common movements and our position.
  8. Joint movement of Accounts and Audit Employees.
  9. Misc. (if any with the permission of Chair).

            Te meeting being extended meeting, all National Executive members including the Women Committee Members and the representatives nominated by Branches of AICAEA shall be the official representatives for the meeting.


 The venue for the meeting will be-

Chug Dharamsala,

Udyan Marg

New Delhi -110001.


The venue shall also be the accommodation for the stay of all outstation representatives and it will be available from 7TH to 9th December 2010. Food arrangement shall be made by the Central Headquarters.




(V. Bhattacharjee)

Secretary General



All National Executive Members and Branch Secretaries concerned.

Thursday, November 11, 2010







Loknayak Bhawan

Khan Market.

New Delhi
















Charter of Demands

1.      Filling up of all vacant posts by direct recruitment, promotion and absorption of deputationists on agreed terms and no outsourcing and off-loading of works of Civil Accounts.

2.      Augmentation of Additional Staff strength required in PAOs of Ministry of Home Affairs an departments and creation of justified posts immediately.

3.       Upgrade LDCs by re-designating them as Acctts Assistants and following pay sales to different cadres-

Acctts. Assistant                                                 PB-1 with Grade Pay Rs.2400


Accountant                                                          PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4200


Sr. Accountant/ Steno Gr.I                                  PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4600


     AAO/PS                                                             PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4800    PB-3 with Grade Pay Rs.5400 on   completion of 4 years.


4.      Grant of recognition to AICAEA CAT-II and implementation of Check-Off system as per Government instructions.

5.       Implementation of MACP scheme by removing its anomalies

(a) Grant of benefit of II ACP to Sr. Accountant appointed as Accountant on passing Departmental Competitive Examination conducted by SSC.

(b)  Step up pay of Senior Promotees who exhausted ACP and in the event of junior drawing more pay and getting ACP in compliance with apex court judgment.

6.      Conversion of DEO as Accountant.

7.      Adoption of mutually agreed transfer policy in respect of AAOs and implementation of the policy transparently.

8.      Allotment of Central office of the Association in the new building allotted by the Government to CGA in the event of demolition of existing accommodation.

9.      Formation of Department of Accounts under CGA.

10. Promotion of all left out non-matriculate Group-D who had qualified Departmental examination before 0ctober 2003 and restoration of 5% promotional Quota to the post of LDC.

11. Increase in promotional quota for Senior Accountant as AAO to 20% of posts of AAO and removal of condition of 53 years of age for promotion.

12. Grant one increment and Grade pay of Rs.4800 from the day of passing AAO© examination.

13. Separate toilet facilities and Rest Room facilities for   women employees in all offices.

14. Supply of copies of orders/OMs of general interest of staff to the Association in terms of the Government of India as well as CGA's instructions and placement of orders/ Circulars in the website of CGA.

15. Vacation of vindictive actions against employees

16. Issuing of Gradation lists of all cadres immediately.

meeting with Pr.CCA,CBEC

No: AICAEA/HQ/A-3/10/440-448                                                Dated: 7th November, 2010



            The Principal Chief Controller of Accounts,

            Central Board of Excise & Customs,

            AGCR Building, 1st Floor, 'A' Wing,

            New Delhi-110002


Subject: Request for a meeting for discussion and settlement of long pending issues of different nature.




            I have been directed to draw your kind attention to the fact that, there are many problems concerning with the staff members and those are pending with your office for a pretty long time.  Due to such a situation, employees are confronting various sorts of difficulties and they are deprived of their legitimate facilities and benefits.


             I have also been directed to request you to kindly convene a meeting with the Delhi based representatives of this Association at your earliest convenience for discussion and settlement of issues annexed to this letter.


            Your kind and early favorable response shall be highly appreciable.


Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Enclo: as above





Secretary General

Copy to:-


  1. The Branch Secretary, AICAEA, West Bengal Branch, Kolkata.
  2. The Branch Secretary, AICAEA, Mumbai Branch, Mumbai.
  3. The Branch Secretary, AICAEA, Delhi Branch, New Delhi.
  4. The Branch Secretary, AICAEA,U.P. East Branch, Lucknow,
  5. The Unit Secretary, AICAEA, PAO, CBEC, Allahabad
  6. The Branch Secretary, AICAEA, AP Branch, Hyderabad.
  7. The Branch Secretary, AICAEA, Rajasthan Branch, Jaipur.
  8. The Branch Secretary, AICAEA, Kerala Branch, Cochin.




Secretary General






1.      Filling up of vacant posts in all cadres.

  1. Restoration of power to Zonal heads and PAOs relating to GPF advance/withdrawal and leave etc.
  2. Vacation of vindictive actions against employees of PAO, Central Excise, Allahabad and grant of promotions MACPs etc to persons denied the benefits.

(a)  Promotion as AAO – Case of Shri M.K. Keshari, Allahabad.

(b)  Grant of MACP - case of D. Roy Choudhury AAO (Retd.), Kolkata.

  1. Grant of MACPs to different categories of staff pending for long time.
  2. Offering of compassionate appointments – cases from Guntur, Delhi, Mumbai, Coimbatore etc.
  3. Permission to appear AAO Examination by educationally qualified group-D (now Gr-C) – case from Cohin.
  4. Grant of promotion from Gr-D to LDC at same station – case from Jaipur
  5. Request for transfer from Delhi to Patna, - case from Delhi.
  6. Total renovation of rooms sections in the Fifth Floor of the A.G.CR. Building, New Delhi and Room No. 333 in the CR Building, of the P.A.O., Central Excise, New Delhi.
  7. Improvement in maintainance of computer system in entire organization and particularly in Delhi offices.
  8. Reimbursement of hospitality (Tea/Coffee and Snacks) expenditure to AAOs as has been granted by CCA, MHA and CCA, I&B.  
  9. Provisions of stationery items to the staff members.                       
  10. Improvement of the present arrangement for drinking water system and provision of water dispensers – section wise.
  11. Provision of Common Room for Ladies.
  12. Provision of Room for the Unit Association.
  13. Provision of Identity Cards of the Ministry of Home Affairs for all the staff members working in different Pay and Accounts Offices located   in Delhi and NCR.   

Saturday, November 6, 2010

As informed already, late (Com.) Durgesh Panigrahi, ex AAO, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Mumbai  had died of severe cardiac arrest on the Platform of Ahmedabad Railway Station on 18th May 2010 due to the anti employee  transfer policy for the AAOs  and its  malicious operation by the CGA office.

            Mrs. Bhakti Lata Panigrahi w/o late Durgesh Panigrahi had fallen in a great distress with two small children due to sudden and untimely demise of her husband. On the basis of the informations and request of the Branches of Mumbai, Federation headquarters had requested CGA verbally to meet the representative of the Association for discussion and settlement of the matter. But CGA did not agree to meet. Subsequently, a delegation of Delhi based National Executive members of AICAEA had met the Jt.CGA and sought the intervention of CGA office in resolving the problem. But Jt. CGA had shown his total indifference over the whole incident and even disagreed to appreciate the fact that, it was the wrong handling of the case of late Com. Panigrahi  by CGA office which had caused the death of Com. Panigrahi.

            However, when the Federation Headquarter had approached the Chief Controller of Accounts, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; she had responded positively and met the representatives of the Federation. She had agreed to consider the suggestions of the representatives of the Association regarding offering of an employment to Mrs. Panigrahi on compassionate ground. As a followup of the discussion, CCA, Health and Family Welfare had taken all actions expeditiously and offered appointment to Com. Mrs. Panigrahi. Finally Mrs. Panigrahi has reported for duty as a regular employee in the PAO, Health, Mumbai on 5th October 2010.  

            Though Mrs. Panigrahi has got justice to some extent, but it is very unfortunate that, officers of CGA Office has not taken any lesson from the death of Com.Durgesh Panigrahi. Despite repeated requests, Jt. CGA did not agree to reconsider the posting of one of the acute asthma patient from Hyderabad to Campbell Bay in the Indian Ocean and another epileptic patient from Hyderabad to Nagpur as AAOs. Present Joint CGA being unclean, adamant and anti employee in nature, we should unite and fight. 

higher pay scale to stenographers

No: AICAEA/HQ/A-18/2010/433                                                                Dated: 29th October, 2010


               The controller general of Accounts,

               Ministry of Finance,

               Department of Expenditure,

               Loknayak Bhawan,

               Khan Market,

               New Delhi-110003

Subject: Upgradation in the Pay Scale of Stenographer.

Ref: - The order dated 04.03.08 passed by the Central Administrative Tribunal Principal Bench New Delhi in OA No 3&9 of 2008.


               Enclosed please find the orders dated 04.03.2008 passed by the Central Administrative Tribunal, Principal Bench on the issue of grant of upgraded Pay Scales to the stenographers Grade-II. We had prayed for grant of same Pay Scales to stenographers Grade-II of subordinate offices as was granted to stenographers Gr. C of the Central Secretariat Viz-

                        Rs. 1640-2900 w. e. f. 01.01.86

                        Rs. 5500-9000 w. e. f. 01.01.96

                        Rs. 6500-10500 w. e. f. 15.09.06

               The grounds on which we had sought the above relief were –

A.     Because the parity of Pay Scales between the Stenographers Grade II of subordinate offices & the Stenographers Gr. 'C' of Secretariat was established when the government accepted the Award (vide annexure A-6) and issues orders dated 04/05/90 (vide Annexure A-7) which was disturbed by the subsequent orders vide Annexure A-1, Annexure A-2 & Annexure A-3.

B.     Because this Hon'ble Tribunal in their judgment dated 19/01/96 in O.A. No. 144/93, 985/93 & 548/94 have laid down the following principles of Law:

"that in the situation indicated below Courts interference is necessary to undo the injustice and aggrieved employees have a right & the Courts have jurisdiction to remedy the unjust treatment meted out by arbitrary state action or inaction:-

(iii) After the recommendation of Pay Commission is accepted by the government, there is an unjust treatment by a subsequent arbitrary action/inaction. In other words the subsequent state action/inaction results in favourable treatment to same & unfavorable treatment to others."

That in this Case, by implementing the Award (vide Annexure A -6), The Government had accepted had there shall be parity in Pay Scale between stenographers Gr. II of subordinate offices & the stenographers Grade 'C' of the Secretariat.


However by subsequent actions (vide impugned orders Annexure A-1, A-2 & A-3) the Pay Scales of Stenographers Grade 'C' of the Secretariat only had been upgraded from Rs. 1400-2600 to Rs. 1640-2900 with effect from 901.01.86 Rs. 5500-9000 with effect from 01.01.86 and Rs. 6500-10500 with effect from 15.09.'06 while keeping the Stenographers Grade II of subordinate offices in the Pay Scale of Rs. 1400-2600 w.e.f. 01.01.06, Rs. 5000-8000 with effect from 01.01.96 onwards.

This discrimination and unjust treatment to Stenographers Grade II of subordinate offices has to be remedied by this Hon'ble Tribunal.

C.     Because the V Central Pay Commission fully ignored the fact that some of the Stenographers Grade II of some subordinate offices had been granted the upgraded Pay Scale of Rs. 1640-2900 through Courts & recommended unmeant upgraded Pay Scale of Rs. 1600-2600 (Revised pay of Rs. 5000-8000 which was also prescribed for Rs. 1400-2600) thus introducing a discrimination amongst the Stenographers Grade II of subordinate offices in as much as-

Those who had gone to Courts were placed in the Pay Scale of Rs. 5500-9000 (Prerevised Pay Scale of Rs. 1640-2900) with effect from 01.01.96 & those who had not gone to Court were placed in the Pay Scale of Rs. 5000-8000 (Pre-revised Pay Scale of Rs. 1400-2600 or 1600-1660) with effect from 01.01.96.

This is violative of provisions of article 14 & 16 of the Constitution.

D.    Because no specific reference of the above grievance has been made to the Sixth Central Pay Commission though advised by the Department of Expenditure. It will therefore not be examined by the said pay Commission particularly because the grievance relate to period prior to the date from which the recommendations of Sixth Pay Commission would be implemented.

E.     Because the Government have failed to refer this matter of anomaly to the Arbitrator despite the fact that disagreement in this anomaly was recorded as back as 08/10/1999 (vide Annexure A-9).          

               The Hon'ble Tribunal, however, did not consider the application on merit at that stage as they wanted to wait for the recommendations of 6CPC.

               The 6CPC has categorically recommended that there should be parity in pay scale up to level of Assistants between posts in Subordinate Officer & the Central Secretariat.

               Enclosing herewith the OA filed by us, where may be treated as a part of this representation, I request you now to grant the-

               Pay Scale Rs. 1640-2900  w. e. f. 01.01.1986

               Pay Scale Rs. 5500-9000  w. e. f. 01.01.1996

               Pay Scale Rs. 6500-10500 w. e. f. 01.01.2006

               to the Stenographers Grade II of offices under your control.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Enclo: as stated above


Secretary General