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letter to CGA for meeting




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No: AICAEA/HQ/A-2/2011/1225-1243                                               Dated: 23rd July, 2011



            The Controller General of Accounts,

            Ministry of Finance,

            Department of Expenditure,

            Loknayak Bhawan,

            Khan Market,

            New Delhi-110003


Subject: Meeting with the National Executive Members elected in the 12th All India Conference held in Mumbai from 1st June to 3rd June 2011.


            I have been directed by the National Executive Committee of this Association elected in the 12th All India Conference held in Mumbai from 1st June to 3rd June 2011 to request you to kindly convene a meeting with the newly elected National Executives of this Association at the earliest.

The issues we intend to discuss are annexed to this letter.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Enclo: as above

(V. Bhattacharjee)

Secretary General


Copy to:-

1.      Secretary General, AICAEA, Cat-II, Mumbai.

2-18.   All National Executive Members



(V. Bhattacharjee)

Secretary General



List of Demands


1.      Filling up of all vacant posts.

2.      Settlement of VI CPC related issues:

        Upgradation of LDCs by redesignating them as Accounts Assistants and grant of following pay scales and grade pay to different cadres-

a.               Accounts Assistant-PB 1 with grade pay of Rs. 2400

b.               Accountant/DEO – PB 2 with GP of Rs. 4200

c.                Senior Accountant/Steno Gr. 1 – PB 2 with GP of Rs. 4600

d.               Senior Accountant with II ACP – PB 2 with GP of Rs. 4800

e.                AAO/PS -PB 2 with GP of Rs. 4800 – 3 with GP of Rs. 5400 on completion of 4 years.


3.      Creation of PAOs/ Posts in all Ministries/Departments and strengthening of Internal Audit of Government Departments and Organizations, aided financially, by the Government.

4.      Deportation of all deputationists and increase in promotional quota for Senior Accountant as AAO to 30% of posts of AAO and removal of condition of 53 years of age for promotion.

5.      Grant of recognition to AICAEA CAT-II and implementation of check-off system as per Government instructions.

6.      Grant of I & II financial upgradations under original ACP Scheme and benefit of III financial Upgradation under new MACP Scheme.

7.      Grant of benefit of II ACP to Sr. Accountant appointed as Accountant on passing departmental competitive examination conducted by SSC.

8.      Grant Pay Scale of Rs: 1350-2200 from 01.01.86 to DEOs as has been granted by the Defence Accounts Department as well as in terms of the CAT judgments.

9.      Promotion of all left out non-matriculate Group D qualified departmental examination before October, 2003 and restoration of 5% promotional quota to the post of LDC.

10.   Removal of discrimination within the cadre of Stenographers in granting the benefit of MACP.

11.   Decentralization of CPAO and formation of regional offices to make the very purpose of operation of Pension Accounting Offices effective and conveniently accessible to old aged Pensioners.

12.   Adaptation of mutually agreed transfer policy for AAO and implementation of the policy transparently

13.   Settlement of all compassionate appointment cases.

14.   Grant of 4 increments on passing DCT between the periods 01.01.73 to 31.05.81 and for others, for passing DCT, 3 increments.

15.   Supply of Copies of orders/OMs of general interest of staff to the Association in terms of the Government of India as well as CGA's instructions and placement of orders/circulars in the website of CGA.

16.   Provision of amenities to the central office of AICAEA.

17.   Provision of adequate amenities for finalization of Pre-2006 cases, without which, the deadline of 31.11.12 could not be met.

18.   As has been done in earlier occassions and granted by Defence Accounts Department, grant of honorarium for checking of pay fixation cases and pension cases after implementation of 6 CPC recommendations. 

19.   Provision of imparting training to candidates appearing for DCT.

20.   Issuing of Gradation Lists of all cadres immediately.




No: AICAEA/HQ/A-3/11/1190-91                                                                   Dated: 15th July, 2011



            Shri M.J. Joseph,

            Principal Chief Controller of Accounts,

            Central Board of Excise and Customs,

            AGCR Building, I.P. Estate,

            New Delhi-110002


Subject: - Minutes of the meeting held on 14th December 2010 with Pr. CCA, CBEC.


Ref: - Your office letter No: - Admn/1 (17) 3/Association/2010-11/1570 dated 10.03.2011 and this Association letter No. AICAEA/HQ/A-3/11/823-24 dated 20/04/2011.




            I would like to refer to the above and state that the assurances given on majority of the issues discussed in the meeting held on 14th December 2010 between the Official side and the Representatives of this Association under your Chairpersonship are yet to be implemented.


            Moreover, various other matters relating to staff members of Pr. Accounts office and different other offices including the state of affairs of PAO, Central Excise, Madurai require to be discussed with your kind self urgently.


            You are therefore once again requested kindly to convene a meeting with the representatives of this Association at an early date to review the status of the items discussed in the meeting held on 14th December 2010 and also to discuss the new items referred in this letter.


Since the matter has already been delayed abnormally, it will be highly appreciable if you convene the meeting at the earliest. 


Thanking you,


Yours Sincerely,





Secretary General

No: AICAEA/HQ/A-2/2011/1120                                                                    Dated: 30th June, 2011



            The Controller General of Accounts,

            Ministry of Finance,

            Department of Expenditure,

            Loknayak Bhawan,

            Khan Market,

New Delhi-110003


Subject: Restructuring of Civil Accounts Organization.




            While interacting with different authorities of Civil Accounts Organization, we were informed by them that, a decision has been taken to restructure the Civil Accounts Organization and the process is in progress. Our units and Branches from all over the country have also informed us that, local administrations have conveyed them the decision of restructuring of Civil Accounts Organization. As such, the members are expressing appihensions of different forms and demanding that, the All India Association should request the authorities to discuss the matter urgently.


            Since the restructuring of Civil Accounts Organization shall undoubtedly bring major changes in the functions of the organization and employees at large shall be effected as a result of it, we request you to kindly convene a meeting on this matter with the representatives of this Association at the earliest.


However, atleast two weeks time may be given between the date of meeting and date of intimation about the meeting so that our outstation National Executive Members could be able to attend the meeting.


Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,





Secretary General


Friday, July 15, 2011

Office of the Chief Controller of Accounts,

Ministry of Urban Development,


Subject: Minutes of the meeting held on 21.06.2011 with All India Civil Accounts Employees Association.


The meeting with the representatives of AICAEA was held under the Chairmanship of Chief Controller of Accounts on 21st June 2011. List of participant is annexed. During the meeting CCA discussed/revised the list of agenda items submitted by AICAEA. The point wise discussions/decisions are mentioned below.

The list of the participant:

1.                        Shri Sanjeev Srivantava, Controller of Accounts,

2.                  Shri A.K. Bangalia, Dy. Controller of the Accounts,

3.                  Shri Virgu Bhattacharjee, Secretary General, AICAEA,

4.                  Smti Kalpana Dutta, Convener, Women Committee,

5.                  Shri M. B. Singh, Asstt. Secretary General,

6.                  Shri S. C. Bamrara, Asstt. Secretary General

7.                  Shri Jagdish Kumar, Vice President, Delhi Branch.





In every office there are large number of vacancies in Group –D (now multiskilled), LDC and Accountant/ Senior Accountant. For example - in PAO, (Ptg.), Kolkata, total sanctioned strength has been reduced from 138 to 86 on the plea of optimization of staffs. Out of these 2 AAOs, 15 Acctts/ Sr.Acctts, 1 Gr.-D (multiskilled) are lying vacant. In PAO, CPWD, EZ, Kolkata, there are 11 posts Vacant, in PAO, NDZ, New Delhi  17 posts are vacant and in PAO, Printing, Delhi 27 post are lying vacant.


Acute shortage of staff has been causing serious functional difficulty for the offices. Therefore, vacancies may be filled up on priority basis. A lenient view may also be adopted while sanctioning leave to the staff.

CCA (UD) informed that recently 19 dossiers for the post of Accountants have been received from the Staff Selection Commission. Of these, 10 dossiers were for Kolkata and the remaining 9 dossiers were for New Delhi. Offer of appointments are being sent to the candidates. The Association requested the CCA for further necessary action for filling up the remaining vacancies.



Departmentalized Accounting system was created in 1976 for smooth and speedy payment and accounting functions for the Ministries and Departments. Within last 35 years, the Ministries and Departments have been expanded according to the requirements and developments. But, keeping pace with such expansions, the requirement of the employees and officers in the Civil Accounts formation was never given any cognizance. As such, the existing employees & officers of Civil Accounts Organization are overburdened with the work load and the efficiency of Civil Accounts formation has been facing criticism of the Departments/Ministries it has been serving.


Since the Civil Accounts formation of Ministry of U.D. is not an exception to above situations, steps may be taken to create required number of posts urgently.


A proposal for creation of a large number of Gr.' B' 'C' posts has been submitted to O/o CGA. CCA further informed that 5 posts have been created in JNNURM under the Ministry of HUPA.


There are lots of Division offices under CPWD (Southern Region) which are functioning without Divisional Accountant due to non-sanctioning of Divisional Accountant post by DGW, which has to be done simultaneously when Division is created.  Like, Chennai Central Division-V/Chennai, Trichy Project Division, Thiruvarur Project Division, resulting in additional burden to the existing AAO's to whom the Division is attached Posts of AAO's have to be created when the Division/project is formed by DGW.


The CCA informed that the power to create posts of AAOs is vested with the DG, CPWD; CCA does not have any powers to create the posts. However, a proposal for upgradation of AAOs post in CPWD divisions to the post of Accounts Officer has been sent to O/o CGA. He requested CA (Admn) to pursue the matter.



 In the Civil Accounts Organization, AAOs who is technically qualified persons on accounting matters are primarily supervising the works of Accountant/Senior Accountant and other supporting staff. Accountant/Senior Accountants are mainly doing the job of pre-checking of bills, maintenance of ECR, GPF Accounts, long term advances and preparation of monthly A/Cs etc.


In the Divisional Accounting system, Accounts Branch is headed by an AAO. In the Accounts Branch of CPWD Divisions, all initial works are done by LDC/UDC which involve wide range of Accounting work involving pre-checking, maintenance of GPF, ECR, long term advance, preparation of Accounts and passing of works bill etc. and the job performed by the LDC/UDCs in Divisional are supervised by none other than the AAO borne in CCAs cadre.


The Divisional Accounting System is thus basically the part of the Civil Accounts organization and the CPWD is performing the functions of Civil Accounts.


Therefore, steps may be taken to merge the Divisions in the Civil Accounts formation of Ministry of Urban Development and all the posts of UDCs in the Divisions may be converted as Accountant/Sr. Accountant.

CCA informed the representatives of the Association that the staffs working in accounts branch of the divisions is working against sanctioned/positions of CPWD. The proposal of merger is, therefore, not possible.


The Chennai office of this Association has expressed that, financial powers had been delegated to the DCAs and part final withdrawal of GPF used to be sanctioned by DCAs.  But now the part final withdrawal of the staff of PAOs is being sent to CCA M/o UD for sanction.  It takes more than one month to get sanction leading to inconvenience to the staff.  The sanction of part final withdrawal of GPF may therefore be restored at DCA.

CCA informed that he has already delegated powers to sanction advances from GPF to the Zonal Heads in r/o staff working in respective zonal offices. However, he has some reservation in delegating these powers to the Zonal Heads for sanction of Part Final Withdrawal from GPF accounts. CCA further assured the Association representatives that there will be no undue delay in processing the cases of part final withdrawal in Pr. Accounts Office and all cases will be processed within a fortnight.



It was persistently demanded by the Association to absorb the eligible persons working in the organization on deputation basis. It was accepted by the Civil Accounts authority and recruitment rules were also amended accordingly. Shri Samir Kumar Sinha is working as Accountant on deputation basis in PAO, CPWD (EZ), Kolkata from CPWD Department. His term shall expire on 24-06/2011.  His parent department has issued NOC for his absorption and it has been lying pending with the Pr. Accounts Office, Ministry of Urban Development. The case may therefore be considered on priority basis.


There may be more cases of similar nature. All such pending cases may be examined and considered on priority basis.


The case of Shri Samir Kumar Sinha supplements the demand of merger of Divisional Accounting system in Civil Accounts Organization.

Action on this issue has already been initiated. Dossiers have been called for determining the suitability of the officials. Further necessary action will be taken on receipt of the dossiers.



a)         Shri S.R.Dey, Steno (Shillong) has not been granted the benefit of II MACP on the ground that he did not perform the job of stenographer. Unfortunately, the official had been engaged to work against Acctt/Sr. Acctt as there was no Group-A officer in the office and the Sr. AO who had been heading the office was neither entitled to steno nor capable to utilize stenographic service.


Therefore, Shri S.R.Dey may be granted his legitimately due benefit as he has been denied the same without any fault of his.



ii)     Third Financial Upgradation under MACP Scheme to Shri Ashim Kumar Bhattacharjee, Sr. Accountant (Kolkata) was due on September 2008. But he was denied the benefit on the ground that he had got his third promotions on 01/04/2009.

iii)  Shri Sashi Bhusan Deb, LDC (Kolkata) is due for III financial Upgradation under MACP Scheme.

iv)   Shri Sushanta Basu, Senior Accountant (Kolkata) is in fact due for III financial Upgradation to the grade pay of 5400 which is yet to be conceded and granted to him.

v)      Shri Gopal Sandal, Acctt. (Kolkata) is yet to get his benefit under MACP.

vi)   Grant of 3rd MACP of Abdul Hamid Mondal, ex Sr.Acctt.(retired on 7.3.2010) in the grade pay of Rs.4200/- w.e.f. 01.09.2008 is due. His MACP case was turned down on the plea of average ACR. He represented and it was conveyed to him that his case will be considered by the next DPC.

vii) Smt Nanki Hela, Sweeper (Kolkata) has not yet been granted 2nd financial upgradation under MACP scheme.

viii)          3rd MACP to Kalyan Kumar Guha, AAO now working at ZAO, CBDT, Kolkata has not yet been granted for want of ACR for the period from 01.08.2005 to 31.03.2006, 2006-07& 2007-08 while he was in the O/o EE (EL), KCED-II, CPWD, Kolkata.


Therefore, above MACP cases may be settled without further delay.


(a)   The ACR of Shri S.R. Dey, Steno contained adverse comments. As a result, his case could not be considered. Now, competent authority has expunged the adverse comments from his ACR. His case will be considered by next review DPC.

(b)   All the cases of MACP from 7 (b) (i) to (iv) of the charter of demands of AICAEA have been granted MACP. The representation of Shri Abdul Hamid Mondal, ex. Sr. Acctt. against adverse remarks in his ACR is being considered and suitable action will be taken in due course. The case of Smti Nanki Hela, MTS will be considered by next DPC. The case of Shri K. K. Guha, AAO could not be considered in CGA's office due to non-availability of ACRs for the period 01.08.2005 to 31.03.2008. Shri Guha, AAO is being asked whether he has written the ACRs of the said period. The whereabouts of his ACRs are being ascertained. 



Late Chitta Ranjan Mahapatra, Sr. Acctt. working in PAO, CPWD Kolkata had expired on 25th November 2009. His wife and son Shri Debabrata Mahapatra have been requesting the Pr. Accounts Office to accommodate Shri Debabrata Mahapatra in any of the offices in Kolkata on compassionate ground. Hence Shri Mahapatra may be offered the appointment at the earliest.


The Association members mentioned that a number of cases are pending for appointment under this category. Hence, they requested that suitable appointments may be offered to them.

CA (Admn) informed them that this office has already given appointment in excess of the quota under this category.



Shri Ganesh Safi, LDC Working in PAO, (Pkg) Delhi has been requesting for his posting in the PAO, CPWD, R. K. Puram, New Delhi as he has been facing lot of difficulties with his ailing school going children. Since his transfer to R. K. Puram would resolve his personal problems and being relieved from mental agony, his efficiency would improve. His case may therefore be considered sympathetically.


It was decided not to discuss this issue since it was a specific request of a single official being raised by the Association.



As per the provisions prescribed by CGA, the LDCs would be promoted as Accountant as soon as they qualify 4 papers of AAO © Examination.


Shri Debasis Das, LDC working in PAO, CPWD (EZ) Kolkata has cleared six papers in AAO© Examination 2010. But, he is yet to be extended the benefit of promotion as Accountant.


The Association was informed that Shri Debasis Das, LDC who passed six papers of AAO © Exam. has already been given promotion as Accountant.



Requisite number of Computers has not been provided to the dealing hands in field offices. This is causing serious difficulty in disposing of the works and thereby adversely affecting the overall efficiency of the Department altogether.


Representatives of the Association brought to the notice of the CCA that some of the offices like NDZ etc. should be given new computers and other electronic devices as this will raise the performance level of the staff. CCA has informed that some of the computers have already been purchased from the available budget allocation and some additional computers will be procured in this financial year.

CCA assured the Association that this demand will be taken care of very soon.



Shri Prem Kumar qualified Group D working in PAO, CPWD (NDZ), New Delhi has completed more than 10 years service. Group D Employees of other departments have been brought on deputation as LDC which is highly discriminatory. Therefore, Shri Prem Kumar may be granted the Post of LDC immediately. 


CCA has stated that the case will be examined on merits.


13.           PROMOTION AS AAO:-


Tarun Kayal, (SC) Sr.Acctt. (Kolkata) passed AAO Exam.2010. All candidates of AAO Exam.2010 have already been allocated on promotion but nothing is known about his promotion.


It was informed that promotion of Shri Tarun Kayal, Acctt has been deferred by CGA's office due to adverse comments in the ACRs. Shri Tayal has been asked to represent against the comments. Further action will be taken on receipt of representation from Shri Tayal, Acctt.



Installation of AC system/modernization etc. to escape from scorching heat by the staff members of this office. As per plan of CPWD Rs.63 lacs of rupees were requisitioned for modernization of this office but only Rs.21 lacs as first phase were sanctioned by the Pr. Accounts Office, Ministry of UD and the CPWD has been asked to submit a fresh plan accordingly. But there is no progress till date.  


CCA has stated that the matter will be discussed with CPWD and necessary action will be taken.



Shri Aswini Kumar Sen, and Shri Tarun Kumar Nandi, Senior Accountants working in PAO, CPWD, EZ, Kolkata had been encadered as LDC in the Central Civil Accounts Service under CBDT setup in ZAO, CBDT, Kolkata on 03/12/1984 and 04/02/1985 respectively. But their juniors namely Shri Harabilas Mandal and K. K. Jana appointed as LDC on 14/03/1988 and 05/05/1988 respectively have been granted promotion as Accountant and Sr. Accountant prior to Shri Aswini Kumar Sen and Shri Tarun Kumar  Nandi. Necessary action may be taken to remove discrimination against date of promotions.


CCA has asked the CA/Dy. CA to examine the case and to take necessary action in the matter.



The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the chair

COPY OF CENTRAL HEADQUARTERS OF A.I.C.A.E.A. LETTER No: AICAEA/HQ/A-3/11/CBDT/1190 Dated: 13th July, 2011 to Shri Jawhar Thakur, Principal Chief Controller of Accounts,Central Board of Direct Taxes,New Delhi


Subject: Option for posting in newly created ZAOs/FPUs –



            In continuation of this Association's letter of even No. dated 28th June 2011, I am enclosing herewith the list of willing persons from some of the Zonal Accounts Offices for posting in newly created Zonal Accounts Offices and Filed Pay Units.

            It has been informed us by our Branches that, employees working in ZAOs of their stations are hesitating to give their options out of various apprehensions and if such apprehensions are removed by holding discussions with the representatives of the Association, employees shall exercise their options.

            Therefore, we are furnishing some of the points below and request you to kindly convene a meeting with us to discuss those issues –


1.      Transfer to be effected in respect of willing persons who have given option for transfer on permanent basis.

2.      Those employees who have given willingness to new offices on temporary basis are to be considered and reposted back to their parent office after six months. They may be posted as per temporary transfer Rules.

3.      Persons deputed to new office on temporary transfer basis should be allowed undertake official visit to their parent station for highly.

4.      In case there is any reduction of strength due to shifting of work to new office, excess employee (s) if any, should be adjusted in their parent station only.

5.      Persons working on deputation basis and seeking absorption and temporary status Employees seeking regularation may be dealt favorably and expeditionly.

6.      Updated cadre wise sanctioned strength of all offices may be made available to the Association.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Enclo: as above




Secretary General