Friday, June 1, 2012



Secretary General being the Assistant Secretary of the Confederation of C.G. Employees’& Workers and General Secy., COC, Delhi State attended the extended national executive meeting of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers held at Kolkata on 28th April 2012. The meeting of the apex JAC was held on 29th April 2012. Secretary General being the Convener of apex JAC, conducted the meeting. Com. M. S. Bharne, Vice President, NFCAA, Com. Shantanu Bhattachajee, Vice president, Com. S. Roy Choudhury, Jt. Secretary General, and Com. Pranab Acharjee, Asstt. Secretary General, AICAEA also attended the said meetings. During his visit, Secretary General also attended an informal meeting of the Branches of West Bengal on 30th April 2012.

Secretary General was invited as a guest to the inaugural session of the 29th All India Conference of the All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Class III held at Kanpur on 3rd May 2012. Secretary General attended and addressed the inaugural Session of the Conference accordingly.

During his visit, Secretary General also visited the CBEC and CBDT Units at Kanpur. Leaders of CBDT Unit, Kanpur made all arrangements for visiting the Units at Kanpur. Secretary General addressed General body meetings in both the Units and requested them to strengthen the organization. He also requested them to attend the 5th Federal Council Meeting to be held at Pune on 15th and 16th June 2012 and prepare for participating in the March to Parliament on 26th July 2012 in support of the 14 point demands adopted by the Confederation of Central Government employees &Workers. Leaders of Kanpur assured that they shall participate in all the action programmes and also extend their full co-operation to the National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations on all matters.

 Inaugural session of the 29th All India Conference of the All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Class III

  View of the Dias

  Secretary General addressing the house

Members of  PAO,CBEC, Kanpuralong with Secretary General

 Members of  ZAO,CBDT, Kanpu


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