Monday, May 18, 2020

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All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II
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No:- AICAEA-AICAEA CAT II/HQ/A-2/2020/1313-35                                          Dated: 25.04.2020

            Dr. T. V. Somanathan,
Hon’ble Secretary,
Department of Expenditure
Ministry of Finance,
Room No.129-A, North Block,
            New Delhi-110001

Subject:- Compensation of at least Rupees one crores to the family members of  Civil Accounts  Employees and Officers in the event of death due to infection of coronavirus while on  essential duty. 

Respected Sir, 
We the undersigned have been directed to state that the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has extended insurance benefit of a meagre amount of Rs. 50 lakhs (Rs. Fifty Lakhs) to the health workers on account of accidental death for their direct contact and care of COVID -19 cases or at the risk of being infected by this. 
         It has been reported by the media that the Government of Delhi shall be giving Rs.1 Crore to the family of security personnel who died on duty, families of doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and sanitation workers will also be given an equal amount if they die while dealing with corona patients.
       The scheme of extending compensation has been further extended to employees of the Department of Posts on the ground of being a part of the essential service.
 The Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance vide OM. 23(4)/E.Coord/2020 dated 23-03-2020 has also declared the office of the Controller General of Accounts and the Pay and Account Offices as essential service.  As Employees and Officers organisations, we have welcomed the decision of the Department Expenditure and assured total co-operation of the employees and officers of Civil Accounts organisation when we could find that the Secretary, Department of Expenditure and the Controller General of Accounts themselves are taking keen interests in providing necessary support to the Civil Accounts employees and Officers in their effort to work in such a critical situation. The move of declaring Civil Accounts as an essential service has resulted in timely disbursement of direct benefit transfer to targeted groups of society like farmers and other deserving sections of the people. Amid the atmosphere of fear and likelihood of exposure to Coronavirus all employees and officers of Civil Accounts organisation worked to full potential and year end activities for the financial year 2019-20 have been completed. There are of course incidents wherein the Civil Accounts Employees have faced direct exposure to Corona infected patients, witnessed highhandedness of police and local administration. They overcame the problems of transportation as in the majority of the cases they were not provided transportation facilities, risk of health as basic amenities were not provided like masks, gloves and hand sanitizers etc.  Many times drinking water and first aid facilities were missing due to total lock down and curfew situations throughout the country.                         
               Under the above circumstances, we have been directed to urge upon you to kindly put the Civil Accounts employees and Officers in the same cluster with regard to infection of COVID-19 while on duty and grant equal amount as compensation to their family members in the event of their death due to infection of coronavirus. The amount of compensation may be fixed not less than Rupees One Crore as the death cases would be comparatively young persons and they shall be leaving behind their family liabilities. 

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely, 
(Amol V. Sule)                                                                                                                   (Krishna K. Yadav)
Secretary  General                                                                                                            Secretary General
All India Civil Accounts                                                                                          All India Civil Accounts
Employees Association Category II                                                                  Employees Association

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