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No: AICAEA/HQ/A-2/2014/440-80                                                 Dated: 28th March, 2014

            Shri Jawahar Thakur,
            Controller General of Accounts,
            Ministry of Finance,
            Department of Expenditure,
            Loknayak Bhawan,
            Khan Market,
            New Delhi – 110003

Subject :- Grant of the ACP/MACPS benefits to LDCs appointed as Accountant on passing Part I JAO©/ four papers of AAO© examinations.


In  the Civil Accounts set-up, LDCs are being recruited directly from Staff Selection Commission  and as per the Recruitment Rules, they are eligible to be considered for promotion as Accountant through following procedure-
(1) Promotion on Seniority basis and
(2) promotion on the basis of limited departmental competitive examination.
Apart from the above two channels of promotional avenue, there is one more channel for getting promotion. That is those LDCs who had cleared JAO(C) Exam. Part-I earlier and now 4 papers of AAO Exam have been promoted/appointed  to the post of Accountant (then Jr. Accountant) and those who had cleared the JAO/AAO Examination have been  appointed as JAOs (Now AAOs).
However,  after the introduction of ACP/MACPs and after the clarifications and guidelines issued by the DOPT from time to time, these issue has now drawn the closer attention and the matter was probed very deeply since  the benefits ACP/MACP is counted from the entry grade in respect of the cases fall under the above category and the entry grade is taken as LDCs for the purpose of MACP benefits.
So as to decide the nature of entry grade to the above referred cases (LDCs clearing Part I/whole papers), the orders issued by the CGA office vide O.M.No:A-3216/7/77-MF-CGA(A) dt:11.01.1978 clarifies that  elevation of LDCs to the post of Accountant on passing of JAO Exam-Part I, is to be treated as appointment as Accountant and such appointment will be accommodated against the Direct Recruitment Quota only. Hence, as per the rule provisions explained in the O.M. of the CGA, the entry grade is Accountant only.  
Further the DOPT being the nodal agency for MACPs  has clarified that, for the purpose of MACP, the first appointment shall be counted from the date of appointment on promotion to the next higher post through LDCE/GDCE and the service rendered in the lower post shall be ignored, provided if:
A         the Recruitment Rules for promoted post stipulates for Direct Recruitment
B          the departmental exam through which the employee is promoted to the higher post is not the one prescribed for filling up promotion quota of the higher post.
            (Copy of DOPT OM dated 10.02.2000 is enclosed)
From the above, it may be considered that, both the conditions are satisfied in clarification of the issue as explained below:-
            A         Recruitment Rules for post of Accountant provides for Direct Recruitment
            B          The JAO (C) Part-I exam through which LDCs were elevated to the post of Accountant is not the Limited Departmental Competitive Exam prescribed for promotion of LDCs’ to Accountants under 5% quota.
            The point B above is further substantiated with O/o CGA’s OM 1978 which states that, appointment-on-promotion of LDC’s as Accountants based on JAO (C) Part- I Exam. is to be counted against direct recruitment quota and will therefore not affect the normal promotion quota.
Furthermore, it may also  kindly be noted that the Recruitment Rules for the vacancies to be filled against promotional quota in respect of the post of Accountant does not prescribe JAO (C) exam., as a condition nor it is treated as the General Departmental Competitive Exam.
            It may be added  here that the clarification of DOPT issued vide OM dated 10.02.2000 has remain unchanged even after the implementation of MACPs (recommendation of the 6th CPC), as communicated in the Ministry of Railways  with the concurrence of DOPT issued vide letter dated 12.09.2012 (copy enclosed).
            In view of the above factual details, it is now requested that, for the purpose of MACP, the first appointment should be counted from the post of Accountant only, in respect of LDCs who have passed Part I JAO/ four papers of AAO examinations.
            We therefore, request you to issue the orders  in this respect at the earliest.
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Enclo: as above.
 (V. Bhattacharjee)

Secretary General